How best to view graphical running openSUSE 12.3 (for ARM) in chroot?

(Sorry for not specifying ARM in the Subject line, hope a Forum Admin can correct that)

Have been able to successfully install and run openSUSE ARM on an x86 using the chroot method as described here
HCL:Chroot - openSUSE

Seems to be a very cool method enabling an x86 processor to support “any” non-x86 processor (not just ARM?) on an x86 machine without running “full” QEMU-KVM.

So, now it appears that I have a running chroot which is now updating from the ARM repo as follows

# zypper lr
# | Alias                      | Name                       | Enabled | Refresh
1 | openSUSE-12.2-ARM-Repo-OSS | openSUSE-12.2-ARM-Repo-OSS | Yes     | No     
2 | openSUSE-12.2-ARM-Updates  | openSUSE-12.2-ARM-Updates  | Yes     | Yes    

But, having chosen the XFCE package, how would one display a graphical console?
I found an Ubuntu article that suggests using an app called "xnest for that distro but does not seem to exist in the openSUSE ARM repo

Are there other options?


The package name in opensuse is “xorg-x11-server-extra”. At least for 12.1 it is.

That package exists for 12.2 (my installed OS) as well, and it is already installed.

I’m posting the steps I did so that anyone who is following in my footsteps can begin with the HCL link I originally posted, then continue with the next steps to get to a graphical display. The problem I’m now at is that although I’ve solved how to send to a display console, the console is blank except for what I send to it. I have not yet been able to discover how to get a full XFCE Desktop(suggestions, please?).

  1. Installed the fs and verified it seems to be running. I have run “zypper up” with the repositories configured as i desribed in my OP.
  2. Verified that “xorg–11-server-extra” is installed and inspected the package contents to verify among others it includes Xnest
    Ran the following command from within the chroot

export DISPLAY=:0.0

And ran the following from a console on the Host

# xhost +

  1. Ran the following command which launched a blank Xnest window

Xnest -ac :1

  1. Opened a second Host console and entered the chroot

# chroot rootXFCE

  1. In this second console which is now running in the chroot

export DISPLAY=localhost:1

  1. At this point a Windows Manager should be started. Although documentation suggests that xfwm4 is supposed to be the default Window Manager in XFCE, when I opened up YAST in curses mode, I found the xdm service instead. After starting xdm, my first attempt was to run “startx” but the blank screen remained blank and I received an error stating “no sockets available” and that an x server may already be running. I then ran “yast2” and… It appeared on the Xnest display! Only issue is that clicking on the left pane does not make the right pane jump to the corresponding place, but it appears that YAST2 is working!

So, it looks like I’ve got things running… mostly but would like to know how to instantiate a proper XFCE desktop.


Slight modification to the above thread…
I thought that xdm successfully started, but apparently not due to “unspecified error.” The Success only applied to the dbus dependency service starting.


Since most basic function to launch a Display Console has been resolved, I will close this thread, but since I am still experiencing a problem launching the XFCE Desktop in a chroot which is a more generic problem not related to a “Pre-Beta” install, I am opening a new thread in the Virtualization Forum.

So, for simply enabling a graphical display the steps described in this thread should be sufficient.
But, if the goal is to launch a functional XFCE Desktop on a local machine using chroot, look for my thread in the Virtualization Forum.