How add icon/link to an app in lower left taskbar?

How can I put an icon in the lower left of the taskbar (near the application launcher in KDE) that will go to specific apps like thunderbird for example?

Right click desktop - Unlock widgets
Go to the launcher Button
find the app you want to add, right click it and add to panel

Move it the panel by clicking the far right cashew icon in the panel, it will expand, now you can move the icon.

When done right click desktop - lock widgets

This is timely as I have been struggling with adding things to the panel. So, how do I add programmes and/or links to the panel which are not in the menu. For example, I have a ‘Link to URL’ on the desktop, which points to my windows D drive, I want to add it to a panel and delete the desktop icon, but, while I can copy it to the panel, if I then delete the original link, the panel copy doesn’t work any more, this is also true of links to applications set up in the same way.

I have never done this
Here is how I would try

Use Menu editor to create a new menu item, anywhere in the menu will do

When you launch the current one, what application opens? So it’s that application you need to create the launcher for and then give it the necessary instructions

That worked, the applications were pretty straightforward, the menu settings are similar to the create link on the desktop pop up. Then it was just a matter of dragging the icon of the newly created app to the panel. URL to D took a little longer, finished up as dolphin /windows/d, and it was tickety boo.:slight_smile: Thanks for the steer.

Then it was just a matter of dragging the icon of the newly created app to the panel.

Sorry I should have mentioned that, just seemed obvious.:wink:

It is , but I thought I’d mention it for any one else trying the put stuff on a panel.

THANK YOU!! For some reason I was unable to find that anywhere on google or kde’s website! Everyone kept saying it wasn’t possible.

The one thing I would change is I’d make it so you can add it and change it’s location in one step (e.g. by right clicking and choosing “Add To Panel And Place” and then you left-click where you want to add it to the panel.