how active openbox on my opensuse 11.4 64bit with minimal graphic..?


i’m here with opensuse 11.4 with minimal graphic, 64bit.
i did installed openbox but how replace from icewm to openbox…?

here there are not change login and change window manager like kdm (because there is various manager windows: openbox,kde plasma, icewm, wm, etc…)

i’m not found document or google…“opensuse minimal graphic with opebox…” nothing… result…and you???

If I understood you correctly you wish to change which desktop environment you login to by default, I presume you now run the XDM instead of KDM/GDM and hence you might not swap between the DEs as easily.

You may change the default DE you log in to here: YaST Control Centre > System > /etc/sysconfig Editor > Desktop > Window Manager > Default WM (if openbox is not available as an preset option just type in ‘openbox’)