how a noob can improve the font situation after a fresh install

Hi all,
I’m testing several distros for both my and my parents computer.
I’d like to run OpenSUSE 13.2 or tumbleweed (gnome editions!) in one of those but they only compromise I can’t really make is regarding the fonts… so ugly, especially the ones for the terminal. Being a total noob I don’t know what is the issue but in all other distros fonts are acceptable (even terminal ones): linux mint debian edition 2, manjaro, fedora.
If you are that kind of blind fanboy who thinks fonts look perfect please don’t answer, what I’m asking please is the simpler way for improving the situation but also something easy to maintain or possibly belonging to official repos (I don’t want to compromise the system and I’d like to keep it easy to inspect if problems come… I’m not sure about those 1click installs).
I tried to follow this thread but I think it’s not too noob oriented =)
Please also, do you know if there are any plans for improving this poor situation with next releases?

Many thanks,
and even if doesn’t seem so I really appreciate OpenSUSE distro for its choices (btrfs in primis) and how well it’s crafted.

with terminal I’m not referring to the virtual console but just to the gnome terminal application

I’ll give you a hint too, don’t include things like this in your posts because people will ignore you.

You could get some better fonts.

Adobe Source Code Pro is nice and is only a click away. They have all types in that series if you want more.

If you have no clue of fonts then try “Roboto” or “Droid Sans” as general font type. Or just stay with Cantarell. I use that right now in KDE! I saw a guy complaining about how Gnome reacted on font changes and a rep. said something like “well font is part of the design and you just broke it”. Of course, why not disallow font changes! Well they do not really, is in tweak thing, but there can be differences in how surrounding elements react, definitely in KDE. Which is why I use Cantarell as some other fonts seem to mess up QtCurve in titlebar spacing. Experiment like everyone else. If you start to tinker with Gnome 3 CSS or other custom files you might notice fonts are not created equal. They test with Cantarell so that works.

Besides that read:

Has not much to do with openSUSE really. Same issue for most other distros.

I used those links to put together some general stuff from those links. openSUSE pick up fonts.conf file if placed in /.config/fontconfig folder under your account. The hinting and other settings from Gnome or KDE will get pushed in there so no need to add that chunk.

Instead of installing fonts you can also just dump them under in a /.fonts/ folder under home account. I got one folder with Source Code Pro and another with a bunch of Windows fonts from Win 7. Is easier that way. Set up browsers font settings exactly same way as in Windows - is better because how it is.

I only use default freetype lib files so have no clue but I think is best option. Check infinality on github, the guy is active there. his name is “beniked”. You can get good fonts without but the patches and font settings do add something.

Oh, not sure all those links are relevant but then hmm “google” :slight_smile: Besides a YAST2 module which is for more advanced usage I am not sure how openSUSE is better or worse than others so same story. Perhaps with exception of Ubuntu.