Hotspot creation not working? (KDE)

I tried to set up hotspot, from network manager, create shared wifi, assign ssid and password.

but I cant connect to that hotspot. There are no option to do that.

I have done this before, I dont remember it was this hard to get it working.

any idea of what I might have missed?


I already had a hotspot config, which works OK. Created a new one, result is OK.
How do you create the hotspot?

Nothing unusual in particular.
Right-click on network icon -> configure network connections.
Add. -> Wifi (Shared).


I dont know if it is related or not, but I have turned off Susefirewall. (prefer to manually manage iptables).

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i’m having the exact same problem. My wireless card supports AP, i checked this with

iw list

I have


packages installed and done the same steps as razirazo mentioned, with the same disappointing result.
Any help would be appreciated.

Mmm, weird. Just updated, tried again and got a working hotspot. I’ve been wondering whether it could be the “-” in the SSID, but AFAIK that shouldn’t be an issue.

Tried to set up the hotspot on the same laptop with ubuntu 16.10 (live distro on usb stick).
Followed this instructions:
and succeeded!
Well, establishing a hotspot on this laptop is possible.
Since the ubuntu networkmanager is so similar to the kde one i tried it again with kde.
I didn’t find how to connect to a hidden network in kde as in ubuntu so i followed this instruction:
but no hidden network did appear.
I’ve run out of ideas.

Okay I got it working.

Not really sure what the exact problem is,
Apparently when creating the hotspot, I have to select “Wireless” instead of “Wireless (Shared)”.

Strange. But well, whatever. At least it worked.

Thank you. Got it working too that way!
I also don’t understand what the difference is between ‘wi-fi’ and ‘wi-fi (shared)’.

One last problem: Creating an AP that way gives me a new ip address range, e.g. 10.1.42.x whereas my home network actually has ips 192.168.0.x.
Is there a way to configure the hotspot that it doesn’t create its own address range?