hotmail problems, using opensuse/firefox & eeepc/fifefox

I’m not able to enter information in my hotmail account. I click new email, enter the address, the subject etc - but I can’t write the actual email…it won’t let me click on the area and I have tried tab, enter and everything. It is both with opensuse firefox/ephiphiny & even on my eeepc running on the original xandros. Help! All I want to do is simply write an email. Any ideas?
Firefox is up to date ant I regulary run the Suse updater.

Try adding the user agent switcher FF ext
from here

switch to IE vista

In the “about:config” page edit the “general.useragent.vendor” and erase SUSE, leaving it empty .
Then you’ll be able to edit an email i hotmail.
I find it really bad from microsoft. This proves a real anti-linux behaviour from microsoft. This would deserve and would win a real classaction.
I find it disgusting.

Thanks Christophe_deR for the answer. To me it looks that this is only happening since a short while back, when they “improved” the site.
Not that I use hotmail to send mails but somebody told me they had the problem just a few days back.
Disgusting is too considerate.

Actually i don’t use hotmail so it doesn’t affect me. But i admin machines for people who use hotmail and i find it really unfair that microsoft doesn’t allow linux people to use its hotmail. That’s bad.

Thanks for your help, will try your recommendations and will let you know. I’m real busy right now but may move away from hotmail when I get a chance. I don’t like that type of stuff from microwank.

Thanks, you fixed it! Easy when you know what to do, will be changing to another email client when I have time…microsoft won’t be selling any advertising to me in the future from their hotmail service.