hi there,
I have a Dell Ltitude D600 Notebook with Suse 11.0 . Can anybody tell me how I can bring my Volume Hotkeys to work?

  • dabigjones,

open a terminal and type “xev”. Now when you see the hotkeys issue a signal, you may want to check into lineak.


I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook and most of the function keys worked on 11 after a install. My volume keys, like yours didn’t, but once I went into Configure Desktop > Keyboard and Mouse > KMix in the componet dropdown I was able to set them as custom shortcuts for the channel I wanted to use them with.

They stop working after a reboot, but I am assuming that is a KDE 4 bug, as it seems to have issues remembering a lot of things after a reboot.

This is just for KDE 4, as I can’t remember the exact steps on other KDE versions.

Or you can use keytouch and keytouch-editor.

Atlast, solution found, keytouch worked for my D620.

Wow, Keytouch is pretty spiffy. After finally figuring it out I mapped out Volume Up and Down, Mute, Eject, and a Battery Monitor key. The only other two function keys I had were a WLAN key and Brightness keys, but they already worked.

The hardest was mapping out the battery monitor. I set the key function to open up the KPowersave info dialog, but there wasn’t a command line option for that, so I put a dcop call in the program dialog.

Here it is for reference if anyone else wants to use it with there battery funtion key.
dcop kpowersave KPowersaveIface showDetailedDialog

Thanks guys. I’m using keytouch now and it works propperly.