Hot plug and unplug eSATA/SATA hard drives

Hi all,

I would like to know the proper procedure to hot plug and unplug eSATA hard drive with openSUSE 11.1. Can anyone give me some directions?



  1. Put cable between thumb and forefinger and plug in.
  2. Repeat first part and pull out.

Or is there something else you need to know?

Well, I mean before I hot unplug the eSATA drive, I usually use “umount <device>” to unmount the drive from the mount point, before I hot unplug the drive.

Is there more I need to do in order to power down the drive first, then unplug it.

In windows, I usually go to device manager to disable the eSATA drive before I unplug it (the Safely Remove Hardware wizard does not work). When I disable the drive, I can hear the drive power down itself.

Don’t know what is the proper procedure to do in it openSUSE 11.1.


Sorry for the flippant response, couldn’t resist :wink: I don’t have an eSATA drive but I would imagine that it works the same as any removable device, such as a USB drive, i.e. that it is automounted in /media and that you right-click on it in Dolphin (or your favourite file manager) to “Safely remove…”.

I’m a new user.I want to know how I can save a file in terminal?

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