hostname issue

We have a MS Windows domain in our school. Some time ago, when I was toying with an earlier version of Opensuse, I joined a box to our domain. I am trying 11.2 now, and my box is box is being named automatically, to what I named the previous box (which is long gone). I guess this is an issue with my Windows domain controller, but I’m not sure what to do about it. The domain controller is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. Thanks for any assistance.

Its not clear, what specific issue you have.
Is it you want to change hostname for openSUSE from the default one?

Sorry I did not articulate my problem well enough. I’ll try again.

When I installed Opensuse 10.2 last year I named my box vues-lab and joined it to my windows domain. That box is long gone. Now, when I install 11.2 on a different computer, it is automatically being named vues-lab. I have deleted vues-lab from my domain controller’s active directory users and computers area. Still, my Opensuse box is being automatically named. My question is why and how do I stop this?

Try it this way and lets see it works for you not.

Open YaST -> network and change hostname there.

I think the OP is getting the name via DHCP, so would need to uncheck
the box about obtaining via dhcp on that page.

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