hostname and knetworkmanager

SuSE 11.1
I am using knetworkmanager. Contrary to earlier versions of it, I can now not find the ‘Manual configuration’ option. Where has it disappeared?
My hostname is set to linux-av8z, probably some dummy name set during the install. How can I change this? Knetworkmanager does not offer this option, and Yast tells me I should not change any settings there, because knetworkmanager is controlling my network.
I am using DHCP. Should the DHCP service provide also a hostname, and should it be automatically set? If yes, why does it not happen?

Here is one way to resolve this. Open yast–>network devices–>network settings. It will give you the warning that NetworkManager is in control. Click OK.

Under Global Options, click Traditional Method Ifup. Then go to the Hostname tab and make your changes. Go back to global options and change back to control by NetworkManager. Then exit out.

I seem to remember that did not always “stick.” If it doesn’t, exit after you make your changes, leaving Ifup in control. Then go right back in and change to control by NetworkManager. Only do this is the first way fails.