Host your own W7 launch party!

The “I’m a Mac; he’s a PC” adverts don’t manage to inflict the damage their own marketing department manages with this video. Cringe…

New Windows 7 launch video breaks bizarre barrier

Someone’s already remixed. These people are clearly organizing a very different type of party! Windows 7 launch party parody is bleeping genius

Another weird one from the MS marketing department:

Edit your party photos! Such fun!

They realized that for the software to succeed it must do one thing, bring a smile while using it. It is totally mental thing (at least for average Joe), more tech savvy users will ignore those adverts and look in the guts of the system. I wonder what choice people have anyway since most people will buy a PC with Vista 7 pre-installed already?

They want present Vista users to buy Windows 7 because Vista was a failure?

With every new release they market their system as most secure windows ever (so what, they started as insecure completely? ), it is always faster, more colorful, and it will probably start cooking your dinners and take your dog out :smiley:

They must really be desperated to hype it so much :smiley: (never mind every other division that bring only losses except Office).