Host not recognized on network

I have just loaded Suse 11.4 and have had (2) problems, 1st: When I installed some additional programs, such as, Scribus, the system showed them as installed but they did not show up in the “applications” menu any where. I finally tracked them down and edited them in and they work fine - Why aren’t they being automatically placed into the menu system? 2nd: I have a home network setup and all systems can see and work with each other, however, the host system is not shown as if it did not exist at all. for example; if I go to “network services” and select “Samba Shares” if other computers are connected it will show them but not the host - if no other computers are connected it shows nothing. On my 11.3 system it shows the host eg; “Linux-12fx blah blah” this is of course my host machine. I have replicated all of my settings on the 11.3 settings on my 11.4 system - no luck! Any Idea’s? Any help would be appreciated. RJ

And good morning(Hellas 08:56)
1)Now you have already installed Scribus. Try to reboot. And write installation process here.

There’s a bug in samba in openSUSE 11.4 associated with interaction of samba and AppArmor. A fix has been created and tha’s coming as an update eventually. In the meantime turn off AppArmor in Yast, then set nmb and smb to On in Yast → system services → runlevels, and reboot. Then Samba should work OK.

It Worked!! Thanks much. Your good swerdna. Regards; RJ

You’re welcome…