Host Firewall is blocking networking traffic for Win7 inside Virtualbox


I have the current configuration:

  • Samba server with openSuSE 13.1 running Samba 4 (1. dedicated hardware), IP 192.168…0.2
  • Workstation (host) with openSuSE 13.1 with VirtualBox installed (2. dedicated hardware), IP 192.168…0.3
  • Inside the virtualbox of the workstation is running Win7 with NAT support for the network, (no dedicated hardware), IP

Now to my problem.
If the firewall on the workstation (host) is switched on, Win 7 inside virtualbox does not see the external Samba server on the other hardware. I need to switch the firewall off on the host so that Win 7 has access to the external Samba server. The Samba server should act like the primary domain server for Win 7. This is true as long as the FW on the host is off. If the FW is on and the network adapter on the host is connected to external zone, Win 7 does not see my Samba PDC.

I opened the network ports on the host in the “Advanced” section of the Yast FW module but still no success.
The opened ports were: TCP: 135, 139, 445 and UDP: 137, 138.

Other configurations in Virtualbox with “bridged” network settings were not working at all. So NAT in VB would be fine for me, but I need to open the FW somehow.

Can You help me please?

Thank You in advance


P.S.: I have the same thread also in the section of virtualization. Please excuse if this is forbidden, but I did not know, which section in this forum fits better.

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