Hosed my system after checking Set Protective MBR in GRUB

Anyone can help me?
I am running Tumbleweed after checking the Set Protector MBR in GRUB and restart my UEFI system cannot boot.
No bootable disk can be found.
Mounted with rescue and I can still see the partitions.
The root volume is BTRFS with Luksfs


run the original installation DVD,
select upgrade,
at the old repository selection page, enable all of your active repos, set all the others to disable,
at the new repository selection page, deselect them all
at the partitioning page, do not allow any changes (stay with the current arrangement, do not allow any reformatting)
at the final confirmation page, select update boot loader

if all has gone as intended only the latest / if any updates should occur, and the default grub should be installed

a reboot should be as normal


Thanks it works!

Since MBR is not used in EFI boot I would expect some problem.

Probably bug that it is allowed to set with EFI booting so should report it on bugzilla