Horrified by 13.2's aquamarine theme -- want 13.1's lime-green theme

So to ensure a future release will go back to lime-green, should I raise this on openFATE? (Kinda new to openSUSE since I was with Kubuntu for the past many years.)

https://features.opensuse.org/312120 seems to be related to what I want, but it seems defunct for now. (And people, can we keep the discussion on topic? Thanks!)

And does anyone know what happened to https://www.dennogumi.org/2012/11/new-theme-for-opensuse-12-3-is-now-in?

It couldn’t hurt. The worst that could happen, is that it be ignored.

If you are just talking about the theme, without the wallpaper, then it is pretty much the “opensuse” theme that you can still choose. The default for 13.2 is “opensuse light”

But openSUSE light theme changes all the default icons from the KDE defaults, and I want only the green colouring. Perhaps I have to roll my own theme?

Although I’ve not actually used the feature it’s possible to “mix and match” various aspects of the theme used.

(KDE) System Settings -> Workspace Appearance -> Desktop Theme -> (Selected Theme) Details

On Mon, 08 Dec 2014 11:16:01 +0000, jamadagni wrote:

> So to ensure a future release will go back to lime-green, should I raise
> this on openFATE? (Kinda new to openSUSE since I was with Kubuntu for
> the past many years.)

It’s unlikely this will be “fixed” as it’s a matter of personal taste.
No matter what theme is selected, it’s guaranteed someone will
absolutely hate it.

The way to fix it is to change the theme yourself, in accordance with
your personal preferences.


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also, I think there has been much less negative chatter about the theme in the forums since the release of 13.2 this time round when compared with previous releases . . . indicating that people are happy (or at least ambivalent) about the theme change.

Personally, I like the openSUSE Light theme very much. Usually I tweak the theme to my liking but with openSUSE Light I have just left it as is.

I do not much like the default background, but that really does not matter, since I choose my own backgrounds, anyway.

jamadagni wrote:

> Hello. SuSE was my very first serious Linux distro but then switched to
> Kubuntu after SuSE 9.3 (probably around the time openSUSE started). Now
> I’m back, mostly because of SuSE’s priority support to BtrFS and the
> superior package management savviness (including rolling release
> Tumbleweed).
> And I was glad to note that SuSE (on first look at websites) has
> retained its lime-green-based colour scheme since such a bright green is
> my favourite colour, with bright blue (Kubuntu) being a second
> preference. However when I downloaded and installed the latest openSUSE
> release 13.2 (KDE), I was horrified to see the dark danky dismal
> aquamarine theme, especially that contour-map-like background which
> seems like the underside of some murky lake, LOL!
> IMO a brighter colour (or at least some dark colour which is not so
> dismal) should have been chosen to encourage people to use this great
> distro, and I really don’t know why the current scheme was chosen over
> the lime-green theme which seems to have continued at least until 13.1.
> I hope future releases will fix this.
> Now I really really want to have the 13.1 lime-green scheme all around,
> starting from GRUB. Please tell me what to do to get the old theming?
> Should I download the *-branding-openSUSE packages from the 13.1 repos
> and lock them?
You can get rid of the pond slime on the login screen via
systemsettings/login screen, and untick ‘use themed greeter’. Then go
to the Background tab and select a picture or colour of your liking.

You can fix the bilious colour on the grub boot screen by replacing
/boot/grub2/themes/openSuse/background.png with a nicer alternative. If you
like the gecko but not the colour, you could just do a floodfill with a
bitmap editor. You’ld probably want to also change select_c.png to the
same colour.

WARNING I have only tried this on a virtual machine, but it ought to
work on a real one. Make a backup/recovery plan before you change anything.

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Okay, I can’t figure it out → how do I get rid of the terrible aqua/turquoise green colour (and change it to something more appealing to me) for the item selections in dolphin, system settings, yast, etc., and as well as for the colour of the active window highlight/shadow desktop effect (or whatever its called)? … the red arrows in the pic below point to examples of what I’m referring



Configure Desktop > Application Appearance > Colors: This will let you change the aqua color. Here I am using the “optimal” color scheme.


Configure Desktop > Workspace Appearance > Window Decorations > Configure Decorations (button at the bottom left) > Shadows (tab): This will let you change window “glow/outline” color. I changed mine to white to contrast the dark theme.


If you want to change this with Yast or root apps, that is a little more complicated, but can help.

I actually went into the wallpaper folder, and moved the 13.2 stock aside, and copied another (eos?) in its place. I loved the previous “dark grey noise” from 13.1 version. I’m not sure how 13.2 got that whacky in-5-minutes design.

Cheat sheet to get 13.1 wallpaper

md blah ; cd blah

wget http://sfo-korg-mirror.kernel.org/opensuse/distribution/13.1/repo/oss/suse/noarch/wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-13.1-10.4.13.noarch.rpm

rpm2cpio …/wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-13.1-10.4.13.noarch.rpm | cpio -idmv

Ugh, the forum makes that hard to copy and paste due to shortening of the link. Click reply, and copy the full text from there.

or use

...[/CO..] tags when posting like this

wget http://sfo-korg-mirror.kernel.org/opensuse/distribution/13.1/repo/oss/suse/noarch/wallpaper-branding-openSUSE-13.1-10.4.13.noarch.rpm

Much obliged.

If I had taken the time to look through my accumulated KDE notes, I would have actually found the answer myself. As for root config, I’ll share a little tip found/taken here from the forum that I think is noteworthy on a practical level: https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/481906-How-to-change-the-background-of-FileManager?p=2514429#post2514429

Finally, as a strange twist of fate, I’ve gotten use to the aqua! rotfl! … in fact, it kind of reminds me of an old throw back – in the late 80’s I bought a 286 system that came with DOS 5 something, and the DOS Shell file manager used a similar aqua/turquoise/cyan highlight.

Though I liked the “dark grey noise” as well, I didn’t think it was an appropriate “face” for the distribution – it is/was a little too dark and moody. As for the current aqua puddle waves design selection, my general sentiment is that it is not an appropriate choice either (it looks a little too rank amaturish). Though, I imagine it wasn’t something that was just whiped up in 5-minutes, but was what ended up being run with after a design process … sometimes the end result of processes isn’t optimal, but meh, you go with it.

I suppose it might also serve a point for others, if they really despise the current theming, then they would want to change the following:

  • the grub splash background
  • the plymouth splash
  • the DM’s (KDM/GDM/…) splash
  • the DE’s (KDE/GNOME/…) splash
  • the DE’s default background wallpaper
  • the DE’s theming (like as discussed with KDE just above in the thread)
  • the DE’s screensaver

I’d like to chime in that the 13.2 theme feels rushed. The 13.1 theme was SO beautiful. It’s kind of a shock booting 13.2 up for the first time :wink:

There doesn’t happen to be a 1-click install for that…? :slight_smile:

I’'m unsure what the problem is that is just the default desktop picture. You can use any you like openSUSE ships with many and you can use any picture that will fite the space. So you don’t like the colors ok change it. Don’t like the theme change it. The whole reason to run Linux is freedom of choice. I never ever use the default desktop background. In KDE consider using configure desktop. :open_mouth: