Horrible frame rate

I have a post in the pre-release section about this problem, but I was hoping that maybe since this is looking to be hardware related, I thought to give this a shot.

For some reason, in 11.1 RC1, my GL frame rate is pretty consistently 60fps. I have tried multiple driver versions and different kernel versions to no avail. I am running an Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 which worked beautifully in 11.0. PLEASE HELP!!

Is V-SYNC turned on, either in the game or in your display properties? That would account for a 60 fps rate, due to this being the refresh rate of most LCD displays.

I don’t know because I can’t find a V-sync property anywhere. Where could I find this information?

Also, there isn’t a game involved, I am getting my frame rate by using glxgears.

vsync really isnt a bad thing, it actually will look better since there shouldnt be any tearing.

But your probally runing nvidia’s binary blob, so open up nvidia-settings and uncheck anything that has sync to vblank.

No noticeable difference :frowning:

hmm, are the changes sticking meaning if you go back into nvidia-settings the checks are correct. There is a save configuration button you might want to try. Maybe go down to level 3 and back.

The settings appear to have stuck, at first I thought I needed to reboot X to see the change, but nothing and the boxes are staying as they should be. I also wrote the configuration to X file to make certain the changes would stick. Now I don’t know how to check that the changes are in action, but my selections in nvidia-setting aren’t reverting back.

Also, I am using a kde compiz plugin to monitor my frame rate, is it significant that it varies from 20-60, never passing 60.0? It seems odd that it stops at an even 60 instead of 57 or something.

Do you need more than that? AFAIK 60 FPS progressive is indistinguishable from, say, 120. When you run a video-intensive program (like a hi-res game) does your framerate goes really down (showing that your GPU is maxed) or stays more or less the same?

In NVIDIA X Server Settings I have an option to ‘Sync to this display device’ besides the ‘Sync to VBlank’. If it is checked and your monitor is a LCD it makes sense, as LCDs usually run at a fixed 60 Hz.

It doesn’t make much of a difference visually except for nothing that runs opengl works. Any screensavers are jerky and I can’t use compiz at all. I had this problem on a desktop and was able to fix it after I figured out which components weren’t working. After I fixed the other computer I had a gl frame rate close to 2000 fps which is typical for any card with hardware acceleration.

The things I am looking for are trivial, but since this is a pre-release I figure it’s better to post issues so they might get fixed.