HORDE COMBAT-3D fighting fantasy game for Japanese learning on Linux

Hi guys, my name is Eddy Fosman, I’m developing a free open resource 3D fighting game for Japanese learning on Linux, you can read more about it on Game Concept Section of Greenlight:


This is a non profit project for the community, I don’t want to pr or sell it. And I will publish what I made, for example: fighting animations in source format, so other developers could reuse them for their own projects (even commercial)
All the learning content I will also publish so you could create foreign language learning game more easily.

The game idea is very risky. But nothing is impossible. And I’m still studying for creating a good gameplay, to make sure it’s fun. When the playable demo is out, I could discuss more about the way we implement it.

Before each round, gamer has to answer several quizzes .The quiz has form: What does X mean? and four choices.
If a player answer right first, he will get bonuses like HP, DEF, ATK, GAUGE, MOVEMENT, special effect, extra skill… in the next round . If the answer is wrong, he will be punished.
You could imagine, it’s similar to Test Your Luck in Mortal Kombat 9, but instead of using slot machine, we use quizzes to test your might and mind.

We are also developing a Kanji drawing system by mouse dragging (or finger swiping on mobile ). It’s not a new idea, but still is a useful feature, because you do not have to type for learning Kanji and Hanzi.


If I want to attract hardcore gamers, the game itself must be a little epic. I’ve uploaded a clip to demonstrate Orc fighting style


Light Attack (L): Kick
Medium Attack (M): Shield bash
Heavy Attack (H): Upword slash

The first combo is M L H <- H .I will upload more demo clips about the remain combos.
There are still some weird animation bugs, I will fix them soon.

And please vote for this idea on Greenlit Game concept Section, so I can gain more critics.
I’m just a loan wolf :’( , I have to post this idea so I could gain more critics from experts and true hardcore gamers here. They already helped me to improve the concept.
You will see many Japanese characters like ninja, samurai… appear in season 3 (if this game survive and people like it), when The Humans return to Myth-Earth for taking revenge.