Hoping in the SUSE boat.

So. This is another pointless post by some kid saying he has officially decided to install openSUSE 11.2 (:
Well. I’ve been using debian based distro, mostly Ubuntu, for the past 2 or 3 years. Today, I wanted to try a good KDE distro, and I knew Kubuntu didn’t fit the cut. So I decided to give ole’ SUSE a try.
So far: I installed everything once, tried to activate KWin before my graphics card and updates were installed, and pretty much borked the system, but I didn’t exactly look for any fixes, so I dunno if it was borked. From what I used of it (45 minutes to an hour), it seemed very speedy, and I didn’t see any bugs, except one common one. It said I was wirelessly connected to the internet, but no webpages, updates, etc. would work. So I plugged it up through my ethernet cable, and started the updates and putting in all my backed up things. Then tried to activate KWin. BOOM CRACKA BA JAM! Ugh. Oh well.

I just installed it again, and my next post will be via my SUSE laptop. (:

Happy to try this distro.

(now start with the welcome posts)

Yeah… Welcome

Look here for ATI or nVidia
NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE
ATI drivers - openSUSE

Welcome. glad to have you on board. oS is simply awesome. enjoy

Welcome on board!

Hope you’ll like the openSUSE Community :wink:


Hang in there and you will get your problems worked out. It’s worth it in the end.

Please, do yourself a favor…don’t mix your backups with the system. Things like what you had in /home/<username> is fine, but not /etc. That’s like trying to put a Chevy engine in a Toyota. Some parts might work, but you have to know which ones.

In YaST there is a module for Network Settings. You can use either NetworkManager or IFUP (traditional).

We are, as Wilson_Phillips pointed out, a community of volunteers and not developers. I am working on a project special for y’all. Hang in there.

I find myself also jumping on the SUSE boat, being a long time Ubuntu and Ubuntu based user, I left Ubuntu for a more reliable less buggy OS and I have found it. OpenSUSE has been a great experience for me, giving me ease of use at the same time giving me tools to become a power user. That is something you can’t find in Ubuntu. OpenSUSE has not only became my distro of choice but my OS of choice. I would like to think the developers and the community for supplying me with such a wonderful experience. Oh yeah don’t change a thing, improve don’t change if that makes sense. It’s nice to see a distro not trying to jump on the be like ubuntu bandwagon. Examples to back that up are: the beautiful customizable installer, yast, and the reliability and stability of the OS. On quick request to the developers, please don’t push distros out like ubuntu’s 6 month cycle I would rather wait a couple more months for a stable release than a buggy one every 6 months… Thanks Everyone!!!

Good news for you

OpenSuse officially adopted an 8 month release cycle starting between 11.2 and 11.3. To allow for that very thing, of getting more time to get packages and programs tested and updated for the new release

Listen to Geeko, he’s very wise, kind and helping. He will lead you wherever you want to go, and always be at your side :stuck_out_tongue:

Bow to your master Geeko :wink: