Hope not a significant issue - Time stams lidely off since recovery

Kudos to whoever did the work to get the Forums up and running again.
But, I don’t know if it can cause a problem but I noticed that a new posting was timestamped “yesterday 23:58”

I haven’t bothered before to verify how my account is configured, but regardless what the setting is, it’s unlikely to cause the above timestamp.
If it’s unimportant, it’s probably not worth looking at but if it might have a significant effect on something…

Keep up the good work!


It is a bit unclear what time zone you saw this in, nor at what time you saw this in that time zone.

I post this:

henk@boven:~> TZ=UTC date
Mon Oct 14 07:58:03 UTC 2019

my local time:

henk@boven:~> date
Mon Oct 14 09:58:48 CEST 2019

And this is what the forums tell me as the posting time:

Vandaag, 09:59

or “Today, 09:59”

Looks normal to me. But things might have changed after you reported.