home:Ledest:kernel:lts 4.9 for Tumbleweed stopped getting updates two weeks ago


The repo, ‘home:Ledest:kernel:lts 4.9’ for Tumbleweed stopped getting updates two weeks ago, but the same 4.9 kernel has gotten several, over at ‘Ledest:kernel:lts 4.9’ Leap 42.3’s repo, since then.

I needed to know what I should do, I have tried a dozen and a half low-latency-desktop-kernels and this is the only one that handles my audio production - I’ve depended on it since it came out. Support is not over, for a few years, on this one. Please advise!

Thank you.

Hi, you are asking questions about packages maintained by a user (Ledest, see https://build.opensuse.org/user/show/Ledest ) presumably for his own private use.
While such packages are available for download, the maintainer may do anything with them, including dropping them without prior notice when he doesn’t need them anymore.
That said, I see that a LTS 4.14 kernel is still built for Tumbleweed and you may try that: https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/home:Ledest:kernel:lts:4.14
Please remember that you are using such “Home:xxx” packages at your own risk and that the maintainer(s) might experiment and occasionally break things with those packages.

"I see that a LTS 4.14 kernel is still built for Tumbleweed and you may try that"

Thanks for responding. As I indicated, these have all been tried - and do not do the job. I am aware of all that you say, but have been still using this repo for a couple of years - and another one of Ledest:kernel’s for years before that. This “user” has has always maintained a number of kernel repos.

My question, at this point, would be how to best go about trying to communicate with this repo’s maintainer, I suppose - in order to find out my next course of action.


Check the changelog for an email address, go to the project page for the package and hit the bugzilla button, log into the OBS project page and leave a comment…

There is no 4.9 Repo for Tumbleweed enabled:

There you can also add a comment to the maintainer.

Thanks a million, malcolmlewis](https://forums.opensuse.org/member.php/740-malcolmlewis) & Sauerland](https://forums.opensuse.org/member.php/56271-Sauerland), will do!