home partitiion blown. idunnow

gigabyte ATA sized board with athalon 64 x2 7500 4G ram on two channels

installed openSUSE 11.1 from 64b DVD and it ran for a while on my 1TB SATA disk partitioned LVM.

boot … 70M
root … 20G
home … 900G
or thereabout…

now, suddenly, the machine only wants to boot to a disk recovery prompt.
you can only log in as root and startx works so file management is an option.
yast starts and finds all of it mounted etc.
but file manager finds the home folder to be empty.
the next thing i may try will be to start yast from the disk recovery prompt and format the root partition and install again.
that way it may recognize the home partition and give it OK’s again.
the recover system options on the install DVD won’t find any ROOT partition on the hard drive. they just say to rescan using all options or some such nonesuch.
anyway, that didn’t work either.

anyway, if anyone has any ideas about these two things you could let me know. i would appreciate it a ton.

If you are logging in as root, you are probably confusing the root’s home with your users /home
If you can login and open a terminal and do:

fdisk -l

Post the result here, it will show us your partitions. (copy and paste the code above if you can - the (-l) is a small L as in Left, left)

thanks for getting back to me.
i trashed my laptop too and decided to fight that out first.
fixed everything by upgrading.
used the KDE 4.2 live install disk and i’m using LVM so the install defaults to leaving the home partition alone and formatting boot and / partitions.
install went smooth except a little goofy on the vid drivers.
updating right now and all looks well.