Home Page: Show Thread Infor or Not?


Just curious. Would you prefer the forum home page to include message/thread information on the right or keep it cleaner like it is now? See the image above that shows 3 lines with and 3 lines without. The disadvantage to the layout showing the information is that because of the CSS used (openSUSE) the “category” font will be smaller than the current ‘clean’ version. Also, be aware that if we changed it to show the information, the way we do that is to change them from vBulletin categories to forums…which means it will show as a forum that is closed to posting instead of a category. Just a few little tradeoffs. So which do you prefer?

“Keep it cleaner as it is now”. Just my preference. :slight_smile:

Definitely include message/thread information. It’s a must have.

Something like Arch would be the best option, simple, clean & functional:

Good forum design: Arch Forums


I prefer the clean look, but my views are not such that I would want to get dragged into a civil war over this! :slight_smile:

Show info:)

I’ve gotten somewhere in the middle. I see the pros and contras of both. Somehow I’m still wishing we work on from the clean look.

Show info, please.

With Firefox’s CTRL+ font size doesn’t matter all that much, with a large enough monitor, of course :slight_smile:

Why can’t I edit my previous post (posted less than a minute ago)?

brunomcl wrote:
> Why can’t I edit my previous post (posted less than a minute ago)?

no post in the survey-poll forum can be edited…(i guess to keep folks
from changing survey inputs)…

its been discussed here a few times, you can probably find those
discussion with the forum’s advanced search function…if you need
more details on the why…

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OK, makes sense. Thanks.

I like to have info, but I don’t feel strongly either way.

It would be nice to show the last post but hide the statistics (# of threads etc.)

We practically had riots last time it was ‘made clean’ … I’ve never seen so many users (who never post) come out of the wood work and complain.

I think you need to add the message/thead info if you don’t want a civil war. :sarcastic: :\

People have a tendency to get used to a layout (including me). In a few weeks I will not care what your design decision actually was, as long as it displays well on a small screen (i.e. 1024x768).

I am for inclusion of the thread info. Eases new users and looks more understandable “from outside”. Maybe not purist, but one has to think IMHO(!) at the overall impact.