Home Networking Setup

Hallo! ((:

I need to setup my home network to share files with a usb HDD and a usb printer between 2 machines acting in standalone.

I have:

1 ADSL router;

1 pc using openSUSE 12.1 with XFCE;
1 usb printer HP 3070;

1 pc using openSUSE 12.1 with KDE;
1 usb HDD;

The 2 pc’s have been working in standalone mode for some time, but it’s not easy to share files between them using a flash drive to pass files from one another or to use the printer.
Both machines use the same router to access the internet, but I’m not able to see any of them on the Network.

I had this working with Windows XP Pro, but I’m not able to put it to work with Suse.
Can anyone help me to start?

Thanks! ((:

In fact, these are two items:

  • Sharing the printer
  • Using the USB drive

On sharing the printer: go through the printer setup on the machine that it’s connected to. You’ll find options on sharing the printer on the network. As soon as you have done that, you can configure the printer on the other machine, referring to the IP address of the first one. To make things more easy, you’d better configure both to have static IP addresses.
On sharing the USB disk: export the folder it’s mounted on through NFS server (Yast) on the machine that has the disk connected and mounted at boot, on the other machine configure the client to mount the NFS export. Make sure users exist on both machines, with same numeric UID.

EDIT: I noticed you’re new here, WELCOME !!!

Thank you Knurpht for such a quick answer! ((:

I’ve been strolling around the facebook pages for a year or so, to solve some minor issues, but now I’ve decided to meet the big boys and gals here in the forum, to expand my knowledge on openSUSE & Linux.

Sometimes, I’m here checking your posts and trying to make some sense with my world of doubts about Linux & openSUSE! ((:

I’ll try these procedures and I’ll return to give some feedback!

The machines only have one user - Me on one machine and my wife on the other one.

If I create identical users with the same UID, can I access the printer and the usb drive using my user on my machine and her user in her machine?

Best is to have both users existing on both machines.

To expand a bit on my post, here’s my home network situation, IP addresses are not the real ones, but that doesn’t matter

Runs NIS-server. All user accounts are managed from here
Runs NFS-server: Export network shares, incl. /home
Runs NIS-client. The clients have no user administration, the user credentials come from the NIS-server
Runs NFS-client. The clients have an empty /home, where the NFS exported /home is mounted. /Music, /VIdeo, /Install, /Pictures are exported from the server, mounted on the client too.

In fact, the clients only have an openSUSE install, all diskspace used by the users is on the NFS mounts.

To share the USB-disk through NFS, you would best mount it during boot, which can be done through Yast’s partitioner. It means though that the disk would have to be available during boot.

I’m root in my machine using the 1000 UID.

My wife is root on her machine using 1000 UID.

If I change this UID to match on both machines, will this affect the system administration or stop me to login in both / either machine?

Once I messed up with this and had to make a fresh install… )):

I hope this means that the on one machine your wife’s account has the same password as root, and the same on yours. Never login on a desktop as root. Since root does not have UID 1000, I guess that’s the matter. Summarizing, you both have the first user account.

And the USB disk is next to which computer? Always connected?

We don’t log in as root.
And yes, it’s the first user on each machine.

The printer is plugged to my machine.

The USB HDD is plugged to her machine.
Usually, it’s powered down.
But I can restart the machine to catch the drive at boot time.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you start a new thread for the printer issue. This to avoid mixed input.

On the disk: If you use the USB disk occasionally, it’s useless to share it on the network from boot. That will lead to trouble if the disk is not connected.

This is an elegant way to achieve you writing your stuff to the USB disk:

On wife-PC (:P) :
In the softwaremanager
Install the package “yast2-sshd” , it will pull in some more, accept that.
Start Yast - Network services - SSHD config, set it to start at boot, open port in firewall (if running), OK, OK
Start Yast - Security and users - Users - Add. Add yourself as a user to wife-PC. (username may be different from the one on your local machine, but I’d keep name and passwd the same)

On your-PC:
Go Dolphin / Nautilus
Network folders, create new …
GIve the connection a proper name, such as Wife-Remote
Enter wife-PC’s IP for the server,
Enter username chosen on wife-PC as the user
UTF8 is default, leave it like that
Directory is


Click “Save and Connect”, you will be asked to accept a key, click “yes”. Now you should see the content of the /media folder on your wife’s PC. You may need to set some permissions on the disk, depending on the filesystem that’s on it, and the permissions of the folders already on it.