home directory issue


We are using SUSE 10.1 (SLED).

I have found that it is setup using /local/home/<myname> as home dir. Why not use /home/<myname> as my home dir?

The explanation I got is that when you have no network connection you must have a home directory ( sounds resonable) and then we use /local/home/<myname> since it is always present. (local hd). Then this is always my home directory even if I have /home/<myname> mounted ( with network connection a SAN disc).

Is there no other way to solve this like:

No network /local/home/<myname>
Network /home/<myname>

Is it possible to configure?



First, this is an openSUSE forums and not a SLES/SLED one. It might be possible that you get good answers here, but IMHO you are better off at SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) - NOVELL FORUMS.

The situation you describe might be a typical SLED one. openSUSE by default uses /home/<username>/.

Switching between home directories does not seem a workable situation to me. When I login I expect to find all of my stuff sttarting from my home directory. That can not be true when I land somewhere else.


I will post it to correct forum.