Holy Cow! AR242x in 11.1b4

Hi All.

Just in case anyone is wondering, the AR242x works out of the box in openSUSE 11.1b4. Yay!

Not that it’s some kind of contest, but as someone who came here from Ubuntu on 8.10 release day, I’ll tell you that it does NOT work OOTB with Ubuntu 8.10.

(That wasn’t why I switched, though…)

– Joe

I was pleased to see this with beta 3. Mine is actually ar5007, but shows up as AR242x with


I don’t understand why Ubuntu dropped the ball on this one. All they had to do was include the newest ath_pci that supports these cards. I could’nt test any Ubuntu 8.10 releases because of a nv/vesa conflict. I won’t bother downloading the final now since almost every other new distro I’ve tested so far has this card working out of the box except Ubuntu. Even Mint 5 would work without installing anything extra with ndiswrapper. With Mint 5 (use the “Windows Wireless Drivers” tool in the menu and when it asks for a driver, point it to /usr/lib/linuxmint/mintWifi/drivers/Atheros_AR5007eg/net5211.inf)

Distros that I have tested that work out of the box:

Mepis 8
Mandriva 2009
PCLinuxOS 2009
Opensuse 11.1
Mint 6 will, but there is no public beta yet

Probably because the version is not stable yet.

I don’t know in OpenSUSE 11.1, but I think it’s until necessary do compile the drivers to use this card.

I can help you if you want to make that… It’s really simple.