holding key causes inability to type

I’m using OpenSuse 11.0 with KDE 4.3.1 and I have the following problem:

Whenever I hold any key for a prolonged period (e.g. holding shift for a while when working with Inkscape) I can’t type anything anymore. I just don’t get any input whatever I do on the keyboard unless I hold a key for a couple of seconds, then it finally accepts the input. This happens regardless of the key held down initially and with any application (KDE or Gnome). To get rid of it I have to log out and back in, so I suspect either X or KDE to be the problem.

Does anybody know what’s causing this and how to solve the issue? Many thanks in advance.

slow keys, see:



Don’t know, but I can give you some hint. Look in Systemsettings, Accessibility. AFAIK if you hold down the Shift for a long time on a fresh install/homedir, a question will pop-up asking you whether you want to use the accessibility features.
Another way to find out, is to create a new user, login as that user, and see if same problem exists or can be reproduced. We then would know the problem lives in your homedir.

Thank you very much, following your advice and the above link I turned on the confirmation dialog for slow keys and it was indeed that feature being turned on without asking for permission or showing an info popup. A sign of poor default settings if you ask me… Anyway after disabling it once and for all I can finally get back to actually working with my box!