Hindi IME?

I want to use use the KDE Flashcard app for Hindi vocab practice, but I
can’t find a Hindi IME. I searched Yast for “IME” and found LOTS of
references to IMEs for Korean, Japanese and Chinese, and one for
Tamizh, but I couldn’t anything that would let me type in Hindi. I am
quite sure that this problem is firmly rooted between keyboard and
chair, and would warmly welcome any pointers on how to fix it. Thanks!


I don’t see an openSUSE Hindi localization team: Localization Team - openSUSE. Probably why you cant find it.

Hindi ime - Google Search shows some distros with it; if you can get the “source” you can compile it:) Look in those distros’ file trees; if there’s a “tar”; untar it & look at the “docs” – there should be directions for compiling it.