Highpoint RocketRaid

I had trouble building the RocketRaid module on Suse 11.0 and even on Ubuntu so I mailed their support asking for an updated binary driver for Suse 11.0.
The answer I got was that they had recently uploaded a new driver. The problem was that they didn’t rename the file or add aany note that it was in fact new. So I went ahead and downloaded it again (the opensource driver, that is).
All of a sudden, everything went very smooth and my RocketRaid card is now working perfectly.

This is how I did, most of it I got from the manual.

I first updated my OpenSuSE via YUM.

Remove module sata_mv:
blacklist in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist (in my case, this wasn’t enough. Maybe cause it’s loaded via initrd)
remove sata_mv from /lib/modules/ (replace with your kernelpath) so it doesn’t load on boot.
Build RocketRaid module:
unpack “opensource” RocketRaid driver
cd to rr231x_0x-linux-src-v2.2/product/rr2310pm/linux
make (ended up with a rr2310_00.ko)
To try the driver module, run as root:
# modprobe -r sata_mv
# insmod rr2310_00
Make it load at boot:
Copy the RocketRaid module (rr2310_00.ko) to /lib/modules/
add rr2310_00 to /etc/sysconfig/kernel (i.e INITRD_MODULES=“rr2310_00 …”
run as root:
# depmod
# mkinitrd

Install Management tools.
I got a gtk error when trying to run hptraid so I installed hptsvr and hptbrowser instead.

Just thought I’d share this experiance since I have seen many people having trouble with Highpoint’s drivers for linux.

Cheers, Chiun