Highpoint 2640 SATA card and OpenSuSe 11.4

I’m trying to get off of Windows, and want to make 11.4 my principal environment. I have a MB with 4 SATA ports that Linux recognizes, 3 being used for DVD and two internal drives. I have another 4 SATA drives I had been using as RAID in Windows and need them to be recognized by Linux. I know the Highpoint card is fakeraid and I’m happy using it as JBOD for dmraid config. I downloaded sourcecode driver 1.2 from Highpoint site and driver compiles in 11.4 w/only a warning about pointer, and installs seemingly fine. Linux crashes on boot with keyboard leds flashing and system locked up. Remove the Highpoint driver and it boots fine again. The driver’s readme says it supports 2.6.31 kernel in latest release, so I download 2.6.31 kernel source from kernel.org and make config won’t work, Kconfig or something is not in a path in the script.

I’m happy trashing the Highpoint card, but I need to install 4 internal SATA ports in the box and I can’t find anything supported in HCL. I don’t want to spend a grand on a real RAID card - I just want 4 internal SATA ports on a card with a PCIe X1 or wider bus. Is anything available, or do I go back to Windows?