Highlighted Search Words(Terms) in search results?

Is there an option in the forum to highlight the search words(terms)in the search results?

Isn’t that what happens already? Works for me.

No, not for me, ken_yap.

I’ve tried several searches again. The search word(s) in the search results were all black, same as other text in the results.

There must be an option somewhere that I can’t find.

Here’s what the first link I got from searching for the word “highlight” looks like:

Highlighted Search Words(Terms) in search results? - openSUSE Forums

Another trial, I searched for “highlight”.

In the search results, In the "Thread/Thread Starter column, the following is in light blue:

“Highlighted Search Words(Terms) in search results?”

But, the word “highlight” in the bodies of the posts are black. I’ve been assuming the search words within the bodies of the posts would be highlighted(colored?). Seems that they were some time in the past.

Same results in SUSE 11.1 KDE 3.5 and 4.2. Also in SUSE 11.0 Gnome. All using Firefox 3.0.x


Maybe it’s to do with the skin you are using, I don’t know if that has any effect? I’m using the openSUSE basic skin.

Looking at the HTML, I see that highlighted terms are put in a span with a class of “highlight”. So if the stylesheet doesn’t do anything with that class, there will be no visible difference. The stylesheet in force when I’m viewing sets the fgcolor to red. And the skin is just another name for stylesheets.

OK I’ll look into the skins and stylesheets. Not really familiar with either. I’ll keep looking.

Thanks for your replies.

ken_yap, reference post #6

Yes, the skin does make a difference. I didn’t know about forum skins until your post #6 or where to select one until I “noticed” that selector at the bottom of the page. I switched it from openSUSE Default to openSUSE Basic. Sure enough… the search words in the “search results” are now red.

Thank you very much. Sure makes locating the searched for information easier to spot.

It does look like it’s skin specific. The default doesn’t show
highlighted words, but the basic skin does. I’ll put that on the list of
things to get fixed. Thanks.

Kim (2/17/2009 10:44:57 AM Mountain)