High resolution PDF files

Does anyone know how I can produce a High Resolution PDF file using Open Source software?

My daughter has asked me to produce such a file for getting a brochure printed.

What kind of format is the document you are starting from? If it generates PostScript, you could convert it to PDF with pdftops, though I’ve never done very high res, only A4 pages at 600 dpi max. Oh yeah, when you say high res do you mean high dpi or very large pages?

High Dots per inch

And the generating application is…?


PDFs are normally scalable vector graphics, as long as you don’t put png’s o similar in the PDF, then the PDF resolution depends on the picture quality.

For creating of a PDF i would suggest to use scribus in your case.

When you want to produce a real scalable pictures drawn by yourself you might want to look at inkscape.

Hope this helps

Why not just use OpenOffice ?
Create the document us usual with the text and (high res)pictures you want and export as .pdf
After that I usually play around with the .pdf in Okular for some extra effects :wink:

I just forgot the OpenOffice pdf export :wink:

Maybe using a DTP like scribus for a brochure could be the better choice. But when you are more familiar with OpenOffice then OpenOffice is the faster way :stuck_out_tongue:

hope this helps

I wonder if the issue is producing specialised PDF files for use by printers. If so, the answer is to use Scribus which is the only application I know which allows you to generate ‘standard’ PDFs and ones intended for high quality printing.

Read the Help documentation for an explanation of the choices.

I don’t see why openoffice would not have the same result as scribus, which is a great program, but needs to ‘get used to’.

Also I do not see why the resolution of the text is an issue ? Does the OP have a 4800+ dpi printer or so ?

The pictures in a .pdf are either scalable, that makes it nice for people with different screen res to look at a full size version. Or they are not… and you are stuck with the 100% option for viewing.

Again for printing, what is the use ? For the home user printing at 600 dpi is sufficient. For professional printing 4800 dpi is very good, most people’s eyes cannot distinguish any better dpi, at least if they are over 45 :wink:

There was a fork in PDF development back at version 1.3 and this fork is used for high quality printing. OpenOffice and most other Linux programs use the main tree which is not compatible with certain aspects of the fork.

It is all explained in the Scribus documentation.

Scribus will also give more options for the pdf generating process.

Like stated, if quick and cheap–openoffice is hard to beat.

If you want quality, the de facto Linux standard is scribus.