high resolution dual head problem

hi all

i have laptop with nvidia gf7600go running with 190.42 driver.

it became impossible for me to get it work with my external monitor (through vga port). monitor is 24 inch with 1920x1200 resolution.

i used to do it from sax2. and i had it working in suse 11.0 but cant remember with which driver.

does any of you have similar setup working, please let me know.

my screen on external monitor doesn’t gets higher then 1600x1200, although in sax2 it set to 1920x1200.

makes me feel like nvidia driver doesn’t want to go higher.
and it is strange becouse as i have sad i had it working with older driver.

help needed desperately.

thnx all

Forget Sax2 for dual monitors and NVIDIA. Run nvidia-settings as root and do it from there.

well, considering that nvidia doesn’t gives me resolution higher then 1600x1200 i thought that setting it up in sax2 would “kick” nvidia into reality. But i was wrong.
Still there is no solution to my problem.
So…ant suggestions are welcome

Not sure that I know the definitive answer, but more info might be helpful. Some questions:

  1. Which openSUSE version are you using?

  2. Can you tell us which driver you’re using (nv or nvidia)? This command may help (just post the graphics section info)

/sbin/lspci -kv

  1. Did you try ‘nvidia-settings’ as mentioned by gminnerup?

  2. With the external screen plugged in, what does ‘xrandr’ command report?