High CPU when copying/extracting

I see CPU is very high when extracting large files (1 GB) or copying from or to a usb device. That causes lags and freezes in other applications I have open and the shell.
What can I do/why is this happening? Never seen this before…

[Firefox also seems to be way slower than usual sometimes (not a connection issue) but that may be irrelevant]

Setup: Tumbleweed (updated), KDE plasma 5, good specs Dell Inspiron i5 quad core, intel hd5500 etc etc…

I see that when writing an install iso to a USB (I normally use “dd_rescue” for that). But it is relatively minor and barely noticeable. This is with a Dell Inspiron 660.

Previously, using a Dell Dimension C521, it was far more noticeable. When writing an iso to a USB on that box, I usually found something else to do for the duration.

In my case, it was not CPU time. Using a single application (whether a browser or a command line) was not affected. But switching windows or switching KDE workspaces was painfully slow. So I think it was a problem with bus access, and perhaps hardware related.

If you actually see the CPU usage go up, then you are probably using NTFS on that USB drive. There is significantly more overhead with NTFS than with native linux file systems.

You can maybe try running the process with “nice” or “ionice” (or both if that is possible). Or start the copy just before you go to brew some more coffee, so that it will be mostly done by the time you need to use the computer again.

Haha yeah I wish I could brew coffee but I always have one laying around

In my case the lag and freezing is very intense and is mostly shown in the cursor freezing or the applications being slow. I actually erased Leap gnome 3 because of that lag (changing workspaces or moving windows or clicking…) because I thought there was a problem with the OS but seems like this is not the case…

Hmm I forgot to say how I copy/extract. I’m not really using commands with copying, I have no clue about command for this. I just use the GUI…
The high CPU (Yes it is visible, I have the widget on the panel all the time, and the CPU bar is all the way up - the one left of the RAM bar) is caused by:

  1. Moving/Copying a large file (.iso) to a usb disc (I guess you are right about ntfs because I used my external HDD)
  2. Extracting a large file from a tar.gz 9for example software , like Maestro, 1,2 GB)

I do not remember about creating a live USB. I used SUSE studio writer (imagewriter) to create an installation usb (probably fat32) and it was fine…

Let’s say you are right about the ntfs format causing the problem… then what about extracting? :\

Dealing with Windows files systems are compute intense. Remember they are proprietary and have to be reversed engineered

On the other hand you should not have freezes. What video card and driver??

Intel HD 5500 integrated and nvidia 920 4gb
The intel card is used from what I understand since it’s an optimus laptop
But the freezes happen with bumblebee installed too (well, the intel card is used then too)

I know this is quite old, but did you ever find a solution/workaround for this problem?
I am experiencing the same problem, only when writing to the USB key (not while reading).

I am on an 8 core AMD FX-8350 CPU and I do not see high cpu load on any of the cores (I have conky sitting on my desktop monitoring my CPU).
However if I launch “top” I see a very high value in the “wait” statistic (more than 80% usage).

Linux says the USB key I’m using now (while experiencing the problem) is using vfat.

Thank you in advance.