Hiding .desktop extension on desktop in opensuse 13.2

I saw a thread from years ago but the instructions don’t seem to apply to 13.2. Does anyone know how to hide the .desktop extension in opensuse 13.2?

I’m using KDE4.

Why not simply rename them? (ie remove the .desktop part).

Extensions don’t mean anything in Linux though they are used by the GUI’s to associate file types. To Linux they are a proper part of the name and in fact you can have more then one period in the file name.

But this thread suggests there’s a cleaner way to do it or at least there was https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/416768-Hiding-desktop-extension-on-desktop and it would be nice to use the mechanism that’s made to do it. It’s just that the instructions in that thread don’t seem to apply to this version of the OS.

I don’t think we (well me) understand what you want.
.desktop files are similar to shortcuts in windows by editing them you get menu items there is a section inside desktop files to show the particular menu in kde or gnome.
But the link you posted to has noting to do with desktop files in general but the kde desktop in particular and afaik that advice still works, right click and chose customize desktop and play with the options.

If I misunderstood please be more specific your issue is with the kde 4 desktop not *.desktop files right?

I don’t know how to be more clear than to ask: “How to hide the .desktop extension on files with that extension on the desktop?” The link I gave asks the same question and they have a solution on that forum thread. Of course I know the .desktop files are reasonable equivalents to Window shortcuts and it’s annoying to see the .desktop extension on all those files/shortcuts.

The solution in the other thread however I cannot replicate in this version of KDE so I am asking if anyone else knows how to do it. Saying, “right-click and customize” does not help as the first thing I did on reading that posting was right-click and look all over at the options. If I could find the setting they talked about looking around that way I wouldn’t be asking if anyone else knows how to do it.

There is a KDE bug report here asking a question about how to show desktop files but without the extension shown. It appears that KDE cannot display like this in folder view (since many versions ago), hence if you really don’t like it, then rename the files without the extension. Sometimes one has to be pragmatic about these things.

BTW, it you drag a given .desktop file to the KDE4 desktop, it will display with its name but without the .desktop extension.

I’m using the default folderview settings and the .desktop extension is not shown.


Thanks for chiming in farcusnz. After adding a folder widget, and configuring the widget with ‘Show the Desktop folder’, I also get the same icons presented without the .desktop extension. So, it is possible. :slight_smile:

To clarify further, dragging the user’s ~/Desktop folder to the KDE4 desktop (to create folder widget) results in the .desktop files being shown with extension, but choosing the option mentioned above and then applying, results in the folder view you show. :slight_smile:

Never mind! I had to do hardware reset and when my computer powered up KDE went back to a default state, at least for some things. When that happened the problem went away. I’ll never know what went wrong but it’s fixed now.

Thanks for all your help.