Hibernation problem...

My laptop’s battery ran out and it went to hibernation, as it’s by all default openSUSE configured.

I plugged the battery charger and turned on the laptop to resume it from hibernation. It seemed to go well until, just as it reached the hour screen to just lift and log in, it seemed to “crash”. I mean, afaik it went black screen briefly, tried to enter hour screen again, but then I found myself reading messages from the system: something like “timeout, waiting for hardware response”. And it went so on filling the screen with the same message, until I forced shut down and turned laptop again.

The laptop is still working right now, but I remain very worried. Does anyone have idea about why this **** happened? Or what could it mean? I’m not willing to redo the experiment!

Maybe the hibernation process didn’t complete? I don’t tend to use hibernation, but like you, have it set to be invoked on low battery, and occasionally it has failed to resume. Anyway, if it booted normally after that I wouldn’t worry too much it.

Repeated the “experiment” (more reluctantly than other case…)
Emptied battery, let the laptop hibernate, plugged AC charger, turned on, crash happened, and got these system messages on black screen (I don’t know how to name them):

[9901.888240] mmc0: timeout waiting for hardware interrupt
[9911.######] mmc0: timeout waiting for hardware interrupt
[9921.######] mmc0: timeout waiting for hardware interrupt

And so on it went (with #'s I mean some 6-digit number) for a short while, then laptop shut down again (“hibernated” again). Turned on again, and this time resuming was seemingly successful, no crashes. But I shut down laptop and turned on again, just in case.

It’s not the first time hibernation by battery drain happens to me, but in other cases I plugged AC charger just a bit before openSUSE informed it would enter into hibernation, then just turned on again and resuming was done seemingly successfully.
So the difference would be the plugged/unplugged condition at the moment of doing hibernation, or so I can think… When hibernating while plugged, I seemingly had no problems, other than sometimes when resuming bluetooth icon was lost and I had to reboot to go back to normal (and I don’t know why, by the way…). When hibernating while unplugged, I get what I describe in this thread.

Any other help/ideas regarding this?

I did find this RH bug report (kernel-related) which matches your description


I haven’t had time to research further, but maybe search or report in bugzilla?