Hibernation does not work


I just installed tumbleweed with gnome DE. I have 64 gb of ram. So I gave my swap partition 68gb of space and followed this instructions

for instance with the following command:
     # nano /etc/dracut.conf.d/99-fix-resume.conf 
with the following content:
- then rebuild the initrd with the following command:
     # dracut -fv 
- add to the boot command line an option like:
     resume=/dev/disk/by-uuid/<insert the UUID of your swap partition here>

Still hibernation does not work. The computer goes to sleep (not like actual sleep because pc is still working, only the monitor shuts down) and it doesnt wake anymore. What I am doing wrong here?


You could start with describing what you are doing. So far you only described some preparation steps, but not how you perform hibernation.

I dont know if there is a manual way of putting the computer to hibernate (via terminal etc) So I am just waiting it to go into hibernate . Monitor goes to sleep, Pc still working and it doesnt wake up.

Is there anyone can confirm hibernation or suspend works in tumbleweed with Gnome wayland (with amd graphics card)

There can be a variety of things that can cause hibernation to fail. You can review the journal logging to identify any issues with current or previous boot to start with.

Graphics hardware and driver details may be helpful to others providing advice…

inxi -GSa

Also, review the following…

I don’t use hibernation/suspend, this is a desktop or laptop system with AMD GPU, if so are you using HDMI output?

I’m assuming you configured in Settings -> Power?

What is your graphic card.