Hibernate: System boots without using image


Since the upgrade to Tumbleweed, my Thinkpad can be hibernated, but instead of waking up it boots, as if there had been no hibernate.

How to start searching?

Uninstall the package suspend and/or pm-utils as well.

pm-utils (which is used for suspend/hibernate if installed) use uswsusp by default, but with this resume cannot work as dracut doesn’t add the necessary pieces to the initrd on systemd systems any more.

See also: http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2015-06/msg00258.html

I submitted a pm-utils package with changed defaults to Factory weeks ago. But while my submission was accepted to the devel project, the forwarded request to Factory has been superseeded by a drop request for pm-utils (and suspend) which is on hold now because it’s still required by other packages.
And the systemd update that should obsolete suspend and pm-utils has been rejected too up to now.

So unfortunately this is still broken on a default installation…

PS: If you do want to keep pm-utils for some reason, you could also set SLEEP_MODULE=“kernel” in /usr/lib/pm-utils/defaults (or maybe better in a custom file in /etc/pm/config.d/).

  1. Thank you very much, I deleted pm-utils and now for the first time the notebook booted into the hibernate image. For your multiple help I owe you at least a nice invitation.
  2. I notice that you get more and more involved into development. I appreciate that very much.




Just to avoid misunderstandings: it’s actually the package “suspend” that’s the problem here and broken. And this is installed by default and used by pm-utils by default, which in turn is (still) used by systemd if installed (which it is by default too).

Anyway, both suspend and pm-utils are deprecated for a while already (even 13.2 shipped without pm-utils support already, this only got reintroduced again later with an update) and will be removed, just as support for using it will be removed from systemd (that was an openSUSE specific patch anyway).

But I noticed now that “suspend” has actually been dropped from Factory two days ago already. It’s still in the repo, but will be gone when the next snapshot is published, resume should work out of the box on a fresh installation then. But it probably will not be removed automatically from existing installations yet, until the new systemd gets accepted.

I notice that you get more and more involved into development. I appreciate that very much.

Well, I wouldn’t say “more and more”. Actually I’m involved quite steadily since about 2-3 years… :wink:
(mainly KDE, but I also contribute to other packages if/when there’s a need)