Hibernate issues with Dell Latitude E6410

I have DELL Latitude E6410 laptop, I have installed openSuSE 11.3 and everything working fine except Hibernate.

When I do Hibernate it goes down properly(it takes 2-3 mins to go down), but when I start it again only blank screen appears, nothing comes up.(I have to do force reboot to bring it up again).

So any idea why it’s not working?
Do i need to do any settings?

I too am facing the same problem. I installed opensuse 11.3 in my dell latitude E6410. But it hangs while booting suse. I get a blank screen. I am not able to go to suse even with forced reboot.

HP 6530b here (intel chipset), and have similar issue. it’s intermittent but i usually get a black screen (LCD backlight not even on). i’ve found it’s more susceptible when i have external monitors attached prior to hibernation but remove it before i resume back from hibernation. i still have issues with it reguardless. same with sleep too.

ctrl+alt+bksp twice sometimes fixes it. only definite way to recover is a cold boot.

for now i’ve got used to restart/shutdown only.

Same problems on my Asus 30UL*.

I too have same with grub resume=/dev/(swap device). However if I wait long enough (2 minutes) the system will resume from the black screen if I wiggle the mouse or something. However this is intermittent - oftentimes it will do a fresh reboot. Have you tried waiting a little longer and then wiggle the mouse?