hibernate don't work

hi I am using opensuse 13.1 and I noticed that when I try to hibernate my laptop, it show me a screen lock page.
can you tell me how can fix it?

Since no “Parent Penguin” is showing up, let’s try some standard advice.
Do you have an active swap partition larger than your RAM, possibly with a minimum of 1.5 - 2 GB?
Do you have a proprietary video card (NVIDIA, ATI…): some may require special treatment.

Do you have pm-utils installed?
If so, try opening a terminal and typing “sudo pm-hibernate” (root password required).
If it doesn’t work, at least it should show some errors: look at /var/log/pm-suspend.log
See “man pm-hibernate” for more details.

If not, try “sudo systemctl hibernate”
Errors should be logged to the system journal
“sudo journalctl --system -e”
See “man journalctl” for more details.

I also noticed that the hibernation on SUSE 13.2 fails when Thinkpad X201 runs for a longer period.

There is 8 GB of RAM but only a 2GB Swap drive. Is this the cause?


On hibernation, all the RAM is stored on the swap partition. It is compressed, but that only saves so much space.

In the end it’s just pure luck if it works at all (saving the used part of 8GB RAM+2GB swap in a 2GB partition), I’d say.