Hi I hope you’re good “excuse my english I’m from Colombia”

Well, I’m begin to studying about GNU/Linux and one of my homeworks is to install it but I still have installed Windows XP. My question is: is there any problem if I install openSUSE without uninstall Windows XP?, Can I do that?.

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You need to backup important data first. Then defrag windows.
The installer will do the rest. Just boot the cd or dvd.

Read here:
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An alternative way is to install Open Suse on an different disk that the one hosting Windows XP.
A standard usb stick featuring 6-7 Gb will be enough, specially if you intend to do a test installation for evaluation/learning purposes.
Once the OS is installed, you will only have to select the disk device you want to boot from. This is standard feature of modern BIOSes, but check that your system supports it before trying the installation step.

At installation time, you have to keep in mind, among others, to install the boot loader (grub) on the mbr of the external usb stick, instead of the internal disk where Windows lives.
This approach will left untouched Windows XP disk and you won´t even have to do any preparation from within Windows.

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Definitely yes. I recently did just that and it worked very well.

I have 3 HD’s, two internal and a USB. HDD0 (sda) had two partitions, first (C:\ for Windows) and second D:\ for data. I moved all data off of D and defragged C and installed OpenSuse 11.1 using all defaults. Everything worked without problems. I then hosed myself trying to migrate all my firefox settings from Windoze, but have since figured out what I did wrong AND how to do it right.

I will soon post this, as this is a major factor for anybody who wishes to move from win to linux.

What? You’re using Exploder! Dude, login to Windows, install firefox, let it import your settings and implode the Exploder. Now, do it now!

I would encourge you to set up a real, as opposed to test, install of linux and get familiar with it. It will be difficult at first, but keep trying, and keep posting whenever you have a problem. Once you get to the point you have it working your way (as opposed to their way) and have learned how to find all the great software available you will find you boot up Windoze less and less. And you will be happier and happier.

VirtualBox for Windows


Install VirtualBox into windows xp and install linux into a virtual machine with no worries about messing up your Windows XP.