Hi to all opensuse fans

just to say hello - my first post

have fun and a lot of nuts to crack


Hi, and welcome!

Hi there! Welcome to the green portion of them internetz :slight_smile:

Indeed welcome, I may not be using openSUSE right now (will go back to it soon) but it is indeed a great distro.
(currently testing Ubuntu 14.04 and evaluating its status until final then I will go back to openSUSE)

Hello … i am just getting started with opensuse also.

Welcome and enjoy !!. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Hello Just4Work. Welcome to the OpenSUSE forums. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but from what i have observed, the forums here are very slow. I put this down to OpenSUSE be a solid distribution with minimal issues. I’m no expert but i have opinions and experiences with other distros. It is not without its flaws (cough plasma 5), but from my experience, OpenSUSE is amongst the best distros available, and for that reason i have and am currently using OpenSUSE exclusively for going on five months.

Welcome wayne and just4work! Its a friendly forum…well most of the time. :wink:

Hey! I’m just getting started here as well, but I wanted to say hello to my fellow newbies :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome all.

I don’t know if the forums are slow (I only have slight comparison with CentOS forums) but if they are I hope they are because of the reasons you mention :slight_smile: