Hi there, new member who loves OpenSuse


First of all, i would like to say that Tumbleweed 42.1 is probably my favorite OS , but i should also say that it is not currently installed.

The reason for this is because of the applications that come pre installed with it. While this software looks promising i just havent been able to get it to function correctly, this is not to say all of the pre installed software wont work, but just about every peice of pre installed software that i have tried will not function.

My question(s) or reports will be dealing with two peices of this software in particular, K3b and Dragon Player.

The first K3b ate up a DVD+R when i tried to burn something, as aforementioned OpenSuse is not currently installed so i will describle the issue as my memory allows me to. The file type i was trying to burn was a .iso image. The error message that i got was describing something like the things needed to burn are in use by other programs. I thought this was a little strange because i had not downloaded any extras nor did i have anything else running at the time of the attempted burn. When i got the option to close this very long list of running programs that were interfering with the burn, it appeared if the desktop refreshed itself and closed these programs, so i tried to burn it again but it got stuck at 0% and my drive was making an extremely loud sound.

The second, Dragon Player, simply would not play any file type, this included videos downloaded from my google photos account as well as other poular extensions such as .mpg.

Another very minor thing i noticed was with Konqueror not showing my folder icons on the start page, the graphic will not load, but i am hesitant to even include this in this post because i am not sure if this is even that big of a deal or if it is even related to Tumbleweed 42.1 ( i have had this folder display issue on other distros).

I would be honored to have Tumbleweed 42.1 installed for all of my computung needs and i am even thinking about re-installing and downloading Xfburn and VLC player, but i am not certain.

Hi, welcome

First, there is no such thing as Tumbleweed 42.1; we have openSUSE Leap 42.1 as and LTS ( Long Term Support ) release, and Tumbleweed as a rolling release.
Second, I assume you’re talking about a Live image, or did you remove the install?. These images are not for production and limited in their usage. Re. Dragon player, this is because we legally are not allowed to distribute all codecs ( coder - decoder ) which are needdd to play all various formats of audio and video… As a post-install one can add the Packman repo, and arrange for packages to be installed from that repo. The packages from Packman do not have the limitations, Packman also provides codecs etc

If you’re new to linux, I suggest installing openSUSE Leap 42.1, which is as stable as Tumbleweed, but doesn’t move that fast. A better option to learn and find your way around on openSUSE.

For the rest: you’ve come to the right place. Try to stick to one topic at the time, try to be as clear as you can in describing your issues, copy and paste ( or photograph ) output here.

Hey, great, thanks for the welcoming response.

From this i was able to understand that all the codecs are not supported, so i can download VLC or grab codecs via packman repo i think.

Right now i am not certain about what you are asking about k3b, as far as the live image etc. I can download a .iso file (say a linux distro from the specific site) and burn it easly with Xfburn, are you saying i need to select another option to burn this .iso in k3b ?

Well it need to be burnt in ISO image format not just burned as a file

Don’t know Xfburn but I guess it there would be an option

Sorry, since you mentioned not having Tumbleweed installed, I assumed you were running it from a KDE Live image.

Must say, I hardly use k3b anymore, since I hardly use any optical media anymore. IIRC I needed my user to be in the cdrom group for k3b, and k3b and k3b-codecs to be installed from the Packman repo. After doing so, you’d have to use the burn-image-to-disk option, otherwise k3b will burn the iso to disk as one huge .iso file.

Thanks again,

@gogalthorp xfburn just recognizes the file as soon as i right click on it or open it and burns very easily, probably the easiest one ive used.

@Knurpht We are almost in the same boat then, but as a new Linux user i have been burning alot of Distros to try them out, I have Opensuse 42.1 and Tumbleweed burned so i will most likely take your advice and put Opensuse 42.1 back up on this computer.

Good luck, if you have any questions, or get stuck somehow, we’re here to help.

The question is does it burn a an iso image or an iso file there is a difference. For bootable media you must use iso image


yes, this is actually a very good question because it is possible that i burned it in haste and selected the wrong format. I will definatly let you know if i install OpenSuse and decide to burn another DVD.

well there really is no need to burn a DVD to try a distro, I use an oldish usb stick, I just write the iso with dd on a Linux or with Rufus in dd_mode (alt+I) on windows. actually I install my openSUSE with the net installer that one is ~70MiB and I use an old 512MiB usb for that, the reason I don’t do a full installer is because openSUSE updates often and the DVD content becomes obsolete quickly, I use to play with a lot of distro’s (Mandrake and Mandrive, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Vanila Debian, Fedora) but I always keep coming back to openSUSE and I haven’t installed a different distro in almost 2 years openSUSE just works for me.
About codecs I’d suggest you add and do a dup with packman repository, for a new user I don’t recommend TW as it’s a rolling distro and does not come with prebuild video drivers so you’d have to compile and install them manually every time the kernel is updated, LEAP has already build drivers (from 3rd party repo’s) that update automatically, the only downside to LEAP is that it does not have a 32 bit version, but 32bit is dying out.

@I_A right you are and thanks, i dont have a USB stick, although i imagine they are not expensive at all. But no worries, i installed Leap again and i have no plans on burning another distro to a disk.

This is a fresh install, and i downloaded the updates that were available, could you please provide a link or explain “do a dup with packman repository” ?

Take Care

Because you use Tumbleweed you need to do special care since it changes so often. Read the instruction linked to from the down load page.

You need to understand the difference between zypper up and zypper dup. If you don’t understand just use zypper up

**yup, but i followed I_A’s recommendation and am comfortable with Tumbleweed, i apologize if i caused anyone to be confused, i have been all over the place today.

“zypper up” that is something i have played around with before maybe once or twice, following a link, thanks again, i will look into this more.