Hi new linix user here

Hello everyone
as you can see im new to Linux i been wanting to switch to linux for awhile now. My windows 7 crashed so many times i got fed up and switched, I’m current using Ubuntu and i was just looking around to see what options do i have. I came across Suse and Mandriva. But im leaning more towards Suse. I’m looking for a 64bit linux and i know Suse and Mandriva offer it but it seems people are more friendly on here. So im going to install Suse on my labtop.
And like you guys say Its green :slight_smile:

Welcome to openSUSE and welcome to openSUSE forums.

Here are some links that might be helpful for you to review, in case you have not yet seen them:

Depending on hardware both should do fine, though personally right now I am back on Ubuntu due to some huge issues I was having with some of the updates, its sort of why I have not been here lately, the latest updates on my openSUSE have given me some headaches.

TaraIkeda, may I suggest you start help threads for your problems in a different thread, as opposed to tagging on to some one else’s thread. I’m sure many users will try help you.

RA-RA welcome again to our forum. We have a good community , pretty much all of us are volunteers, and that community will likely do their best to make you feel at home.

@RA-RA: A warm welcome to the forums !! Please follow oldcpu’s advice, a couple of hours of reading can make you feel much more at ease when installing.
Also know, we’re there to help you. You’re not alone, many have come the same way, and still know what it was like in the beginning.

No I was just being honest on my personal experience at this current time, scuse me for griping.

TaraIkeda, as noted, start a new thread, and I’m confident many users will volunteer their time and knowledge in an effort to help you. Please don’t disrupt some one else’s thread.

Welcome to linux its a bit of a step from windows but im sure after some time you will love it and the fact its open source.

Welcome to openSUSE, I’m also new to the community. I recently made the switch from ubuntu and let me tell you I’m not looking back. I love openSUSE!! And I love the community as well you guys are great and extremely helpful!


Enjoy the fun of SUSE