Hi Everyone :)

My name is jason and I just wanted to say hi.
I am totally new to suse 11.1 (or any suse for that matter)!
I am a previous windows user, I have been using suse for about a week now.
I came from windows vista which I was not impressed with in the least little bit.
I am happy to say I"m an advanced computer user who got tired of being told what I can and cant do on my own comp.
I am not a microsoft hater they have done a few things right in the old old old days plus I like the look and feel of suse 11 with the kde 4 desktop.
anyways just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and to let you all know that the community is growing slowly but surely.

thanks for reading this

Jason. You are welcome here.
We try our best to please. But be patient, we are volunteers and are not online 24/7
Enjoy openSUSE;)

Thank you I know you volunteers and I hope in months and yrs to come I can help others make the transition as smoothly as my own is going so far just about everything worked out of the box I manually installed my video drivers due to 1 click install didnt work out very well so I researched the problem and solved it as I do most problems I run into.

Maybe this is of use
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Flash, k3b, Amarok - Install Guide - openSUSE Forums


You are the best place and feel home we are our Family.
But if I know I will try to help you like my brother.