Hi everyone!

Hi everyone,I using Linux for the first time a friend told me to go to opensuse and they are nice members that can help you out.
So I`m a new member.


Hehe …

Welcome. openSUSE is trully the most user-friendly amongst all the other Linux Disros. I hope you enjoy it. I personally do, for the short period of time I’ve been having it. If any trouble look for a post, if still not solved, Post a new threat.

You might want to start from taking a closer look at YaST2, Control Center, And other features first to make your SuSE look and feel the way you desire. Also configure all settings you wish. As far as the look of it, you could start visiting Gnome-look.org or kde-look.org(respectively of your desktop choice.)

Once again, Have fun! I hope you enjoy your experience with openSUSE and will become a member of our open-source community.


Glad to have you. Hope you enjoy Opensuse as much as I do. :slight_smile:

boy suse is very nice OS and my friend told me you know suse you never use VISTA again.
I told him we will see how is going.

I am NOT a Microsoft hater. I’ve used Windows in the past, and there are things about it that I like. I still use it for two things: to work on my music, and to do my taxes. I can’t get software to do either (to my satisfaction, in the first case) for Linux.

That said, once you get used to Linux, you will not enjoy Windows. I hate having to go back to it, for any number of reasons:

  1. The “whack a mole” game with pop-up boxes during start up. “You have unused icons!” (Not really, I just don’t log in nearly as often.) “Your wireless connection isn’t working!” (Yes, I know, I disabled it on purpose.) “Do you want to install this update??” (Not until I look at it, because it probably includes adware and spamware.)

  2. Some software under Windows will bring up a “modal” dialog box that locks the whole desktop until you satisfy it. While (to their credit) Microsoft has finally provided some ways to work around this, they’re still clunky. Not nearly as nice as KDE, where I can simply switch to another desktop if I’m working on something important. I’ll get back to that silly dialog over on Desktop #1 when I’M ready, thank you. :slight_smile:

  3. Not having to defrag once a month. Not having to run anti-virus and anti-malware software constantly, which slows the system down dramatically.

And on, and on … I’ve been using Linux for almost a decade now, and I only use Windows when I have no other choice.