Hi everybody !

Hi all !

I am a newcomer among the community. I come from Montreal, Canada.

In fact, it’s a return. I tried the 11.1 last year and for a lack of time, I left it aside.

I am not new in the world of linux though. I began back in 2006 with Ubuntu. Didn’t like a lot the community, I hoped to Mandriva in 2007 and adopted it. I am the webmaster of a web site dedicated to beginners of Mandriva Linux. Mandriva Linux Online (MLO) is a recognized community among the great Mandrivian community and even recognized by Mandriva Corp. since it’s creation in 2007.

Because of some irritating factors (lack of finish, integration, etc.), I return to openSuse to give it another try. I also intend to contribute and participate a little to the community.

So, if you have tricks, advice, tips to share with me, you are welcomed.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Welcome back.

Don’t forget to check out our new user / how to area: ** Information for New Users ** - openSUSE Forums](http://forums.opensuse.org/information-new-users/)

Also each forum has a stickie at the top. Don’t forget to check those out.

Hi oldcpu,

Thnaks for the welcome. I already consulted those stickies. :wink:

Welcome DaaX.
Several good DE’s to play with in 11.2, but in 11.1 there was only one winner IMO: KDE 3.5.10. Now on 11.2 with KDE 4.3.5, improved Gnome, and the lighter LXDE, there is plenty to have fun with right here. Hope you enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Hi consused !

I like your pseudo… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome. I am in kde right now, maybe I,ll give a try for the gnome desktop.

Welcome DaaX,

Have fun and relax that’s the main thing. Life so good with Linux, I don’t have to keep watching my back for malware, viruses, vendors deciding to hold me ransom to their software. Problems are solvable in Linux (mostly anyway). And you are part of a community where you can exchange help and ideas.

Hello, DaaX!!!

Glad to meet more experienced “puzzled penguin” than I am! Hope, we would find mutual interests to work together!

Welcome back !! Another DE available: XFCE. And why not have them all installed ? Just pick the one you want at the login screen.

Hi DaaX, and welcome :slight_smile:

I am new on the opensuse forums, myself. Much like yourself, I too am not new to linux. (remembers the days of CLI only)

Have tried many ditros, including openSuse at various stages… then, finally got to using openSuse full time, both at home and my company, I love it.

Now I have finally got here (long over due), I will try to help out where I can, also.

Again, Welcome

Hi All !

Thanks. People are cool in here.

@ 24_bit_DAC : no problem at all.

I hope I can help in any way and contribute a little to the growth of the distribution. :slight_smile: