Hi all!

Just wanted to post my first message by saying hello all! I’m glad to be apart of this community and opensuse!

Well, Hi there. Welcome aboard.

Hello it’s always good to see new people :slight_smile:

Welcome here.

Hello! :shake:

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.:wink:

Welcome and enjoy your stay! I’m pretty certain you’ll find this community vibrant and kind.

I’m a newbie too. i just have registered.
And i want say hello with eveyone here :slight_smile:
I hope to make lots of friends

Well Hello to you both!

I hope you find openSUSE to your liking. I am certain you’ll find this the most friendly and most knowledgible place in the entire Linux world.


Hi josh567,

Welcome here.

You have put your post at the end of a thread that is already a bit old and that stopped being posted to more then a week ago. That is no problem of course in this case. But be aware of the fact that many people check regularly for new threads (and read the titles) and not check all new posts to threads that they think are out of their interest.

So when you in the future want help with a problem or question, start a new thread in the most fitting (sub-)forum, with a good title. That is the best way to draw attention to your case. A matter of intelligent advertizing :wink:

Welcome aboard.:slight_smile: