HFS formatted iPod

When this was a Windows formatted iPod I had no problems but even after installing the HFS support I can not use my iPod for any thing other then seeing the files on it. I formatted it so that I could get rid of rockbox. I see that the owner is root and I have even signed on as root to make changes but they do not stick. I have used the root file manager as well. When I try and use Banshee or any other application it will not let me write to my iPod as it shows that it is only read only. I have tried to copy over the music using root but this has not helped either as when I disconnect it does not show any music was copied over. If I can make it to work early enough I may just re-format it but I was hoping not to. I have a mac at home and use this when I need to format my iPod. I have a Windows based machine but it is running OpenSUSE 11.1 and I do not want Windows on it at all.

First make sure your system includes HFS write support. I never used it, so I don’t know it this is an issue or not, like writing to NTFS once was.

When you plug the ipod see if the corresponding entry in /etc/mtab is ro (readonly). If it is, even as root you can’t write to it. In this case you may try to include this entry in fstab but with the rw option instead of ro.

Note: mtab is (at least up to Opensuse 11.0) where your removable devices appear while plugged. I contains the static fstab entries plus the dynamic ones.

Thanks for the help. I will have to try this next time. I did the HFS support which was supposed to allow read and write access to the iPod. I went to work that day and decided to just reformat my iPod to fat32 using iTunes for Windows. I am trying to convert all my music to AAC now. I do appreciate the help and when I have time I will have to reformat my iPod and see if that helps. I did see on the web that you had to turn Journaling off which I did do but that did not help so this is when I brought it to work and formated it again as I knew that I could write to it this way.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: