Hey All, Just Stopping By

Hey all,

I’m just dropping by, looks like some of the elders are still around. Whats going on?

I use to be really active on this forum waaay back in 2004-2006. Those were my mid teenage days. I just finished college and working full time now.

Lets catch up!


Hi Toniee,

Nice to hear from you and welcome back. I recall you helped many users back in the old SuSE Linux Support (SLS) forum days.

As you can see a lot has happened since the old SLS forum days. There was a merge between SLS, SF, and the Novell openSUSE forums. Many of the admins/moderators have left and moved on to greener pastures.

The structure of openSUSE has changed and evolved a bit since 2004-2006. openSUSE has evolved, in particular with new software management (zypper front end to rpm and improvements to YaST front end to rpm), which is a big improvement over the past (IMHO). Also, openSUSE is used to test software that may ultimately end up in Novell’s SLED/SLES (in ways similar to Red Hat’s Fedora approach). The open source community support for openSUSE is (IMHO) stronger than ever, with a ‘board’ now governing the direction of openSUSE, with both community and Novell presence on the board. It also appears that Novell may be purchased by another company, and its Linux and other divisions sold/bought by more than one company - the exact impact on openSUSE not clear at this time. Hopefully this could be for the better.

The community is (again IMHO) stronger than ever, with efforts made to bring closer together what was a very fragmented community, to a closer one. We still have fragmentation across mailing lists, IRC chat, and our main ‘official’ forum, but I believe the cross communication between lists/chat/forums is better than it ever has been.

While there are those who pine for the old SuSE-9.x days, there are some nice things in the 10.x and 11.x series of openSUSE, one of which being there being liveCDs that one can now run (and install) with openSUSE, with the possibility of DVD installs has still been retained. The openSUSE community influence on the distribution is clear, when examples such as the new LXDE light weight desktop being included in the openSUSE-11.3 distribution, where that is an entirely community driven addition to openSUSE-11.3.

My view is these are interesting days, and its a fun time to be here.

Nice to hear things changed for the better. It seems like I have to learn everything from scratch again, I’m installing openSuSE 11.3 on my Oracle VirtualBox as we speak, lets just see how much catch up I need to do.

Any word from Vir@s, storm, those guys?

Before the merge, Storm just stopped posting one day. We never did find out what happened to him.

Vir@s departed the forum for greener pastures about a year after the merge. My wife and I did visit him in Vienna once, and went to supper with him and his girlfriend. They are both great people.

G0NZ0 stayed with the team during the merge, and she helped migrate a lot of the old SLS wiki to openSUSE wiki. She only recently stopped being a moderator, devoting her time to other activities, although she can still be found on IRC chat freenode #suseunbound.

Deltaflyer also stayed for a couple of years after the merge, and then stopped posting one day and we never did find out what happened to him. Linux-learner is around, but he goes by a different handle now (Jonathan_R). MattB started up his own forum, and Eds passed away a bit less than 1/2 year ago.


You won’t remember me but you & oldcpu helped me on screen resolution in 10.0 the answer you gave only partially worked. Even then a belated thank you for it.
You & others here welcomed me to then SUSE10.0 by not insulting me like they did on the Fedora Forums.
As a result I stayed & went from Linux idiot to Clueless Linux enduser.lol!