Hewlett Packard Elitebook ISV certified mobile workstations

I am saving up my money to buy a new Hewlett Packard Elitebook ISV certified mobile workstation with a 14.00" LED LCD widescreen for $1,600.00 USD excluding New Jersey sales taxes and shipping fees by January 2013. I am going to submit my application for a doctorate of philosophy (Ph. D.) degree program in Management of Technology at Polytechnic Institute at New York University in Brooklyn, New York City USA by the deadline in December 1st, 2012 which is their deadline for domestic applicants. I was already accepted to their Accelerated Management of Technology Masters of Science degree program in 2008. It is extremely competitive.

Based on my research, HP Elitebooks in both the “p” and “w” designations are certified to run SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP1. Of course, it will come with Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64 bit pre-installed by the time I am ready to make my purchase.

My plan is to purchase SLED 11 SP1 from Novell and install it on my HP Elitebook “w” mobile workstation as the primary operating system. Then, I will download and install Oracle Virtualbox and I will create a Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64 bit virtual machine. I can get a free copy of Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64 bit from New Jersey Institute of Technology because I am currently attending as a graduate student in their Masters of Science in IT Administration and Security degree program and I expect to graduate by December 2012 with my degree. Microsoft is expected to release the successor to Windows 7 sometime in 2012. Besides, I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and I get a MSDN subscription included with my annual membership fee.

Has anyone here installed either OpenSUSE or SLED 11 SP1 on a Hewlett Packard Elitebook “w” mobile workstation? Were there any problems during the installation or with the hardware compatibility when using SUSE afterward?

If you have direct ownership experience with what I would like to do with my future HP Elitebook “w” mobile workstation, then please do reply detailing your experiences. Thank you.

I did some research recently regarding the hardware and software compatibility of installing either SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1 x86 32 bit version versus OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit on a Hewlett Packard Elitebook 8540w ISV Certified Mobile Workstation. Novell and Hewlett Packard certify that SLED 11 SP1 x86 will work on the 8540w. Installing OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit will only work if I order a stock model without the latest DreamColor 2 display which is not compatible with the proprietary nVIDIA binary drivers.

The new Hewlett Packard Elitebook 8560w and 8760w ISV Certified Mobile Workstations are certified to run SLED 11 SP1 x86 32 bit as well.

I doubt that I will have the extra $425.00 USD to pay for the DreamColor 2 display or a Full HD 1920X1080 progressive display; HD+ 1600X900 is sufficient for my needs. In other words, OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit should work and installing the proprietary nVIDIA binary drivers from the repository is the best way to achieve full 3D graphics acceleration and maximum resolution.

I am going to buy a stock configuration for a new Hewlett Packard Elitebook 8560w without the Full HD or DreamColor 2 upgrades for $1,600.00 USD. It strikes the right balance among price, performance, dimensions, weight, and features.

Since I am in no rush to buy a second notebook PC, I may just wait until Intel Corporation releases their new 22nm Ivy Bridge CPUs with Microsoft DirectX 11 certified integrated graphics, Super Speed USB 3.0 support, and other key improvements. These new Ivy Bridge CPUs are expected to be released sometime within the first half of 2012. I plan to make my purchase by December 31st, 2012 so I should have the latest key technologies that I am looking for at that time.

Google is my friend.

I just finished an online chat with a Hewlett Packard sales specialist. Angelo wrote that the new Hewlett Packard Elitebook 8460w, 8560w, and 8760w will become available for sale within the United States by the end of May 2011. He could not provide any price quotes yet. He also wrote that they are certified with both Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 in the 64 bit versions.

My budget is up to $2,000.00 USD.

I plan to buy a new Hewlett Packard Elitebook 8560w and a one year standard subscription for Novell SLED 11 SP1 for an additional $120.00 USD. Upon receiving my new HP Elitebook 8560w, I will create recovery media for the Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 bit operating system. Then, I will install Novell SLED 11 SP1 using LVM partitioning and LUKS encryption onto the entire capacity of the hard disk drive. I will activate and register my copy of SLED 11 SP1 and I will download all of the updates and patches necessary.

Angelo wrote that OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit should also work with the HP Elitebook 60w ISV certified mobile workstations, but it is not certified or supported. I will not install OpenSUSE 64 bit on it.

I was wondering if anyone else owns a current generation Hewlett Packard Elitebook W series ISV certified mobile workstation and has an active subscription with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 SP1 installed here within this community. Please reply to my thread with your experiences with regard to the installation process, hardware and software related problems and solutions, and other thoughts.

Thank you.